Window Frosting

What is Window Frosting?

Window frost is the application of frosted film onto any surface of glass to create a level of privacy and security that didn't previously exist, or even function as a decorative piece!

What are the benefits of Window Frosting?

There are many benefits to having your windows frosted. First of all when applied to glass it will distort any vision through and create a soft translucent appearance, blocking out any nosy neighbours. This is particularly popular among homes, office spaces and meeting rooms, where privacy is often very important.

If privacy is not so much your thing, or it is but you'd still like it to be creative, then frosted film also allows for custom patterns or designs to be cut out or even printed before applied. Not only offering you privacy, but also enhancing the room where it is being installed.

If you're thinking "That's great and all, but won't applying film over glass drastically darken my space"? No! Frosted films still allow for the majority of warm natural light to pass through, keeping your space as light as it was before the film was applied all year round!

What types of Window Frost are there?

There are many types of frosted film out there, and it is recommended to find what suits you before you move ahead with starting a project.

Popular choices include:

Sandblast - Sandblast is a frosted film that simulates sandblasted glass. It is the ideal film for decorative designs and patterns, custom cuts or prints and very popular choice to customers looking for frosted film.

Frosted Crystal - Similar to Sandblast film, however Frosted crystal contains embedded metallic flecks that provide the film with a unique shimmer effect.

Dusted Crystal - A frosted film that offers a very clean finish, no metallic flecks, just straight to the point. A great option if you are looking for a smooth and professional look and feel.

This just scratches the surface of what's available when it comes to frosted films. If you'd like to know more, please get in touch with us and we'd love to help you out.

How can our Window Frosting services assist you?

With many years of experience working with and installing frosted films in busy offices or quite homes, we are confident that we can help you reach a solution that makes not only you happy, but everybody happy! We have access to a wide range of materials that will fit your need and can offer cut/print services to better enhance your frosted film project.

Please talk to us today, we'd love to talk window frosting with you.