Effectively communicate your message through signage solutions that attract your visitors and engage your clients.

Building Signage

We are dedicated to all forms of sign solutions tailored to commercial and institutional projects and specialise in delivering your communication message consistently across multiple sites.

We create a wide range of exterior sign types including:

  • Building identity signs
  • Illuminated signage
  • Pylon signs
  • Wall and fascia signs

Our range is tailored towards large scale and multiple location projects for new construction, rebranding and site refurbishment.

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Pylon Signs

Pylon signs are the most prominent way to improve your brand identity, make a statement, or to convey your presence to the world.

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Statutory Signage

Whether you are beginning or in the midst of construction, Statutory signage will be required on any commercial or multi-residential sites in accordance with the national building regulations.

Not only will it assist with accessibility inside and outside of your building, it will also assist in the case of a dangerous incident such as a fire.

With many years of experience, we understand what you will need for your building, and can ensure that what we supply will be compliant with regulations making it possible and easy to receive certification where required.

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Directory & Wayfinding Signage

Imagine walking into a building and not knowing where your meeting is, or even the toilets. This is where Directory & Wayfinding can play such a key role in ensuring that your building is efficient, accessible and friendly.

Let us help your customer locate amenities, shops, rooms and even the correct floor through the use of Directory & Wayfinding signage.

There are many ways to implement these signs, from wall mounted, ceiling suspended, panel or pylon. Using such materials as film, metal, acrylic or glass to ensure durability and high quality.

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Building Accessories

Building Identification is an important part of finishing your building project. We deliver services to make the finishing process easier. We can arrange for Line marking, supply and install parking signs, external signage and street numbers to make it easier to be found. Our range of engraved, metal and plastic options provide a style to suit all building facades.

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Unique SIgnage challenge?

Is your project still in the "Too Hard Basket"?

Struggling to find someone to understand your idea?

Arcom Group is often selected for custom sign and graphics solutions, whether it's materials required, an access challenge or impossible deadline.

We have supplied projects commissioned under the Public Art Grants in Tasmania, provided display and graphics solutions for last-minute exhibition or grand opening deadlines, and often produce customised braille signage to match wayfinding design themes.

Don't give up yet - talk to us first.

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