Insulating Window Film

Low-E (short for low emissivity) is a specialised coating on the surface of a window tint that reflects long-wave infrared energy, which is the warmth that you feel.

Arcom Group is pleased to introduce to you a window film which becomes an energy and cost saving system. From our Tasmanian residential brand outlet, Sunshield offers the next generation of superior window tinting. These thermal window films boast the benefits of insulation comparable to double-glazed windows minus the expensive price tag.

  • Balanced summer and winter temperature control
  • Provides highest protection against harmful UV rays for skin and furnishings
  • Provides even temperature zones within a room whilst maximising natural light

Apply this film internally to glass and reap the benefits of dual action energy efficiency, keeping the sun and ambient heat out in summer and in winter it will work to reflect the radiant heat back into the room. If you are looking to reduce running costs of heating and cooling for your home, Sunshield's range of window film could be the answer you are looking for.

How does it work?


“Normal” window film is designed to primarily reflect incoming heat, where Low E film is designed to carry out both the reflection and retention. During the winter months, Low E window film captures heat from your building and directs it back into the room. In the summer months, Low E film reflects UV and solar heat away from the glass, towards the outside.

Low E Film Diagram Summer2


The thin layers of metal particles, including gold, allow various degrees of light through while reflecting heat off the window pane. Depending on the film selected the film can also offer the benefit of daytime privacy.

Upgrade your existing windows to be more energy efficient by improving the insulation value of a single pane window close to that of a double glazed unit.

Sunshield Low-E Film provides you with year-round comfort improvement and is perfectly suited to the winter Hobart climate.

Low E Film Diagram Winter2

Is it right for you?

At Arcom Group, we want to make sure we deliver value for money to our clients. This is never more important that when you are asking us for advice and investing in what is most likely your biggest personal asset - your home.

Although we have described the benefits and comparisons of Sunshield Thermal Window Films, you should look at this product as an investment. It will have a higher additional cost and a longer term return through savings. Our typical installations require a budget of around $5,000 and over. Because of the thermal benefits this film provides, it is most commonly sold in the colder climate regions like Tasmania, in Hobart, Launceston, Devonport and Burnie, and is also ideally suited to the many regional Tasmanian areas too.

3M Thinsulate

From one of the world's most trusted household brands, 3M Thinsulate Climate Control film helps keep the warmth in during winter and the heat out during summer. It boost insulation performance of your windows, making them more efficient and saving money on energy costs at a fraction of the cost of replacing windows with double glazing.


Solar Gard Ecolux

Solar Gard Window Films is one of Australia's leading window tint distributors. Backed by Saint-Gobain, a leading global name in glass products, they have a state-of-the-art product range. Their most advanced product provides year-round comfort improvement by keeping the sun out in the Summer and keeping heat inside in the Winter.

Solar Gard’s insulating window film is called Ecolux. It is a single product line category, with a very light, highly transparent appearance. Visually, it would be similar or less noticeable than having a flyscreen on your window.

Key Benefits

  • Has a low emissivity – preventing heat from escaping through your windows in the Winter
  • Spectrally selective – Let’s in 68% of natural light while keeping out 52% of the sun’s heat
  • Save money and energy year-round on cooling and heating
  • Protect people and property from damaging UV rays
Product NameVisible Light
Visible Light
Reflectance (Exterior)
UV Light
Total Solar
Energy Rejected
ECOLUX 7068%13%>99%52%
Ecolux 70

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