Glass Safety Marking Decals

  • Make large areas of glass apparent to avoid potential collisions
  • Comply with AS1288 and the newer more stringent requirements of AS1428.1-2009
  • Required by BCA
  • Available in a range of colours up to 50 metres in length

A very important and sometimes neglected item when it comes to new & existing buildings are glass safety marking decals. The sole purpose of a glass safety marking decal is to assist in identifying the existence of glass, avoiding potential collisions or injury as well as making the environment a safer place. To achieve this, a thin strip of film is placed on each appropriate glass panel, this strip must be a solid and non-transparent band while also providing enough contrast as to not blend in with background objects.

Where safety manifestation is deemed necessary, it may take the form of broken or solid lines, dots, squares, patterns and company logos as long as they are clearly visible and positioned at an appropriate height. Two height levels are currently required, depending on the standard to which compliance is required - 900 - 1000mm above floor level is required under AS 1428; and between 700 - 1200mm above floor level complies with the broader scope of AS1288.

Manifestation graphics are available in a range of tones and textures that simulate acid etching, sandblasting or solid colours and are laminated directly onto glazing. Check the below guide for the correct positioning when it comes to glass safety marking decals.


Whilst this information provides details of the content of the Australian Standard and the Building Code of Australia, the final decision as to suitability and compliance will rest with your building surveyor. We recommend you check with them if they have preferences as to how this is solved.

The manifestation of glass safety marking decals are now required on most public buildings where access is provided under DDA (Disability Discrimination Act).

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Customised Supply or Project Installation Solutions

For project based work, we can design, specify and produce customised safety markings for doors and windows, that include branding or themed design elements to enhance the appearance of this sometimes bland but necessary feature.

Arcom Group can also offer consultation and evaluation of proposed or existing designs that take into account the requirements of the standards and the practical effect when applied on site.

We can also design, produce and supply only of branded decals to meet the needs of the corporate sector, or interior design and architectural markets. Call or contact us to discuss your project requirements.